Burial Insurance for Overweight People

Last Updated April 23, 2024

Burial Insurance for Overweight People

Weight is one of the significant factors affecting burial insurance payment rates. According to a 2020 survey by the National Health & Nutrition Examination, roughly 100 million obese people are at an increased risk of death due to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart stroke, and liver diseases.

This has fueled insurance companies to either deny coverage of burial insurance or increase their premiums for overweight individuals. The following article addresses this particular concern of how you can effectively manage burial insurance.

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Why do burial insurance companies charge higher for over-weightedness?

Burial Insurance for Overweight People

The primary goal of burial insurance is determining the level of financial risk to the company for bearing the burial costs for an individual. The more overweight a person, the higher is their probability of serious ailments and surging BMI, thus exponentially rising the overall burial costs the company has to pay. However, being overweight is not a problem as long as you have chosen a sound insurance provider.

How do I apply for a secure burial insurance plan?

A burial insurance plan is a great investment for everyone. That said, different firms incorporate different guidelines for burial costs as per height, weight, diseases, etc. To determine your most-suited burial insurance plan, you must remember:

Weight matters

Mentioning your weight even with slight misinformation can irate the insurance provider. To secure a feasible deal at both ends, honesty is the best policy here. Try answering the insurance provider’s health questionnaire truthfully, and you might get a lower rate based on your health conditions.

Humanity wins

While most burial insurance firms are looking to reap profits, it is vital to choose one that places humanity above business. Licensed providers not only ensure a smooth burial process but also let you make comparisons before deciding on the best policy.

These are good options because they solely focus on your individual needs, assisting you with comparison charts between senior insurance plans, cremation costs, funeral planning, etc.

Family first

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the current times is as big a challenge as breathing unpolluted air. While you can control obesity in your life and not worry about overweight burial expenses at all, it is always the best idea to keep family first.


Why take a risk and make burial expenses costly for your loved ones? As compared to an unplanned financial burden on your family, burial expense coverage is worth the money. Therefore, you must consider choosing a provider that can ease things for your family to “be beautiful even in parting.”

Burial insurance providers like Final Expense will not have you do things alone. Its dedicated support to answer your queries helps finalize the best-fit policy for you.

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