Burial Insurance That Pays Out Immediately

Last Updated April 23, 2024
Burial Insurance That Pays Out Immediately | Final Expense Benefits

When you’re planning for your final expenses, you want to be sure that your loved ones are taken care of. There are a few options available to you, but one of the best is burial insurance. This type of policy will pay out a death benefit that can be used to cover your funeral and other related costs.

The best part about it is that it pays out immediately, so your loved ones won’t have to worry about coming up with the money to cover your final expenses.

If you’re looking for a funeral coverage policy that will give your loved ones the peace of mind they need, read on to learn more about the benefits of this type of policy.

But before we dive into that, let’s understand what it is exactly.

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What exactly is final expense insurance?

It is a sort of coverage that will cover your funeral expenses after you pass away. No matter when you pass away or how soon after, if you apply for this kind of coverage, your family will be able to claim the reward promptly.

Burial Insurance That Pays Out Immediately | Final Expense Benefits

Some of the best burial coverage policies include:

Aetna (CVS Health):

Aetna Affiliate Accendo Life Insurance offers burial insurance and other policies suitable for seniors. With it, there are no yearly premium hikes because it is whole-life coverage. It provides pre-approval at the point of sale. That implies that you will be able to determine the type of coverage for which you qualify based on the answers you provided throughout the application process. It offers preferred, level, and modified benefit plans.

Seniors in good health can consider the Preferred and Standard Level Plans. Benefits under this include:

1. Immediate coverage with no waiting period
2. The issuing ages are 40-89
3. A maximum payout range of $25,000 to $50,000
4. Low monthly premiums
5. A minimum benefit amount of $2,000

The Accendo Level Plan Riders, an additional insurance option, offer three separate riders. But no riders are available to those who have enrolled in or are qualified for the modified Accendo life insurance plan. Benefits under this include:

  1. Accelerated death benefits pay up to 50% of the cash value if you meet a qualifying event
  2. Qualifying events could be a terminal illness or long-term care
  3. Protect yourself and your loved ones with an accidental death benefit rider
  4. Coverage is available for ages 40-70
  5. Get paid in full for an accidental death
  6. Coverage until the child is 25 years of age
  7. $2,500 units, up to $10,000 per child
  8. It does not only cover immediate children. It also covers grandchildren, stepchildren, adopted children, and more
  9. Incredibly versatility depending on your situation

The Accendo Modified Plan is best suited for seniors with serious health issues between the ages of 40 and 75. It has the following advantages:

  1. You will receive the total cash value if you die in an accident.
  2. The immediate payout for deaths from accidental causes
  3. 110% of earned premium in the first two years 
  4. Natural death: full cash value after three years
  5. Maximum cash value of $25,000


Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company is a 100-year-old company. It offers several coverage options, including burial insurance. Annuity Insurance Company, Ohio State Life Insurance Company, and Great Southern Life Insurance Company, to name a few, are examples of substantial acquisitions.
The benefits of its burial insurance

The benefits of its burial insurance policies are:

  1. A lifetime guarantee, as long as you pay the premiums.
  2. No physical exams are required
  3. Protection from the very first day
  4. There are many life insurance carriers to choose from
  5. Choose your own death benefit
  6. Cash value buildup gives you the option to borrow against the policy or let it grow
  7. No additional cost for the Accelerated Benefit Payment Rider
  8. The rider benefit advances up to 50% of the cash value if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness
  9. No additional cost for accidental death benefit riders
  10. Additional death benefit equal to the base policy in the event of accidental bodily injury
  11. Protection against accidental death while riding as a fare-paying passenger
  12. Coverage within 90 days of the injury
  13. Coverage begins immediately and lasts for three years
  14. Guaranteed insurability rider—no health questions asked
  15. Benefits of Quitting Smoking
  16. Pay the same premiums as nonsmokers
  17. Benefit from lower rates for the first three years
  18. If you can provide evidence that you have quit smoking, your premiums and death

Mutual of Omaha

It offers various coverage plans, including burial insurance.

It has the following advantages:

  1. The lowest premiums; premiums will never rise.
  2. There is no waiting period
  3. Add on living benefits at no extra charge
  4. Access up to 50% of your coverage while alive with the accelerated death benefit rider
  5. The cash value will never decrease in value
  6. Cash value accumulates over time
  7. The policy is purchasable for any reason

There are two options to choose from:

Under Level Death Benefit:

  1. You are 100% insured for natural or accidental death from the day you make your first payment
  2. The accidental death rider pays out 200% of the death benefit

Under Graded Death Benefit:

  1. No waiting period
  2. The complete death benefit pays out immediately
  3. More expensive than the level plan


It offers several coverage options, including burial insurance. Prosperity Final Expense Life Insurance has three health ratings you could qualify for level, graded and modified.

Benefits it offers include:

  1. No physical exam is required
  2. The coverage ranges between $1,500 and $35,000
  3. A one-time, fixed premium
  4. Guaranteed coverage for the life of the policyholder
  5. The level benefit has no waiting period
  6. Tobacco users who do not smoke are eligible for non-tobacco pricing.
  7. Affordable
  8. Permanently affordable lifetime insurance


There are many factors to consider when choosing a burial insurance policy. The most important factor is whether the policy pays out immediately. Aetna (CVS Health), Americo, Mutual of Omaha, and Prosperity are the top four carriers that offer immediate payouts. If you want to learn more about burial insurance, keep reading our blogs or contact us.

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