Best and Worst States to Retire 2023

Last Updated May 25, 2024

Retirement is a glorious thing. You’re finally able to revel in your hard work and do what you’ve been planning to do for all these years. Whether you’re counting down the days until you’re done, or planning ahead, it’s important to consider where you will spend your golden years. 


There are plenty of factors to consider when picking your location and many options when deciding the best state to retire from inside of the United States. In this article, we’ll review the different frameworks for information on retirements such as healthcare, cost of living, and weather. It is important to look to data when planning your retirement so you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into, how to manage your investments, and what variables may stand in the way of you and your retirement. Through these frameworks on how to measure different aspects that affect retirement, we can see which states would be best to retire in 2023.

What To Look For

In The Best State To Retire

There are plenty of things to consider when planning for the best state to retire from, and some of these factors may be more important than others to some individuals. Also, while one aspect may be an essential thing to a specific individual, it might not even be the last thought on someone else’s mind.

Keep in mind, that no state is going to be the outright best state to retire in for everyone, some may have features that you prefer over others. For example, Michigan may have the most forgiving taxing system in America, but it’s very cold most of the year and has a decent amount of crime/identity theft. Overall, you’ll want to take personal considerations into what it is you want out of your retirement. Do you want a close-knit community or are you okay with being alone? What is your ideal weather and climate? Are you in good or poor health? These are a few questions you may want to consider when looking for the best state to retire. 

Top 5 Best States to Retire In






Top 5 Worst States to Retire


New Mexico




Final Thoughts

Overall, there is no one best state to retire for everyone – it will depend heavily on what you choose to look for in a place of living. We hope that in reading this article, you may feel more informed when debating your options for retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Florida The Best State To Retire In?

It’s certainly up there, at least top 5.

Best State To Retire For Military?

There’s a lot of options for military veterans, but our vote goes to Iowa, Texas, or Maryland. 

Best State To Retire On A Fixed Income?

This goes into the cost of living debate as well as how prevalent taxes are, but some of our picks are Mississippi, Alaska, or anywhere in the midwest. 

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